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I really like the game it is very addictive but i wish u could make medicine at the same time. U can only make one thing of medication at a time! Pls pls pls fix this it would mean the world! the bat

During the intro there is a typo in the dialog that introduced the story line. Kind of makes me nervous of what's in store.

Super addicting

Super addicting game... it’s pretty easy to make your hearts (can be bought in-game) which I love. I don’t have to spend money to play this game. However, I just started using the iPhone X and I don’t think it’s compatible with it yet. The camera part blocks off part of the screen on the side and options (such as to-do lists or boosters).

Notifications are inconvenient

It’s a fun game, very cute premise and graphics. However, the notifications are driving me crazy! I just got woken up at 8 in the morning because one of my buildings finished and this app was sending me the same notification over and over, like ‘activate your building! activate your building!’ Why did it not stop after one notification?? Also, i really hate those “come back, we miss you!” notifications. It would be one thing if they appeared after a couple of days, but they literally appear every few hours and it’s pretty irritating. I’m turning off notifications, but other than that, game is fun.

My hospital

It's just amazing

Funny screen on iPhone X

Good game tho, and it reminds me of theme hospital a lot. But it doesn’t work properly in iPhone X screen, some of the buttons are outside the screen

Watching the video is a trap

Been watching video to get more diamond, they said, but it keep shutting down on me. So i watch the video but didn't get the prize thats just lame! And buying coins and diamond are wicked pricey! Its like dinning out to fancy restaurant taking paris hilton. I dont know how much longer i can play this game if i dont have a way to earn my coin or diamond.

Fix Formatting

Hi! Great game, but I have the iPhone X and the formatting is REALLY messed up! Buttons are cut off, I can’t see my quests..please fix!

Addicted Fun Game

I love this game, and it is super addicting. It could be fixed for glitches and lag but,over all it is better than other games. Good job with creating the game.

Still trying to figure it all out.

I'm new to the game. It takes a while to get some elixirs without spending money but fun nonetheless.

Love it, but latest update has some bugs

Definitely an addictive game! I love most of the new features in the newest update, but a lot of the hospitals I’ve liked have disappeared and it’s hard to find them to gift them back. There have been at least 2 that have sent me gifts, I’ve checked to make sure I’ve liked and am following them, but they don’t show up in the list, so I can’t return the favor. Any way you could put little buttons under the gifters’ names in the mailbox screen so we don’t have to search for them? The liked hospitals aren’t in any order anymore on mine either. I’ve noticed at least one other bug with the update, but I like that one. ;) Anyway, I’ve been hooked on this game since I first played it! (iPad Pro, iOS 11.0.3) UPDATE to the developer: thank you for your response! :) I’m looking forward to the updates!

Love love love

Love it!!

Was a good game

Until the new update! Every time I watch an ad the game freezes and doesn’t give me my heart!

Fun, but...

I really enjoy this game. I have a couple issues though. Every time I buy the last space in the lab, my game freaks out and I have to reboot. I still can’t purchase that spot. Selling back patio items would be good. We need another jelly maker. They take so much time and are always required. Either shorten the time or let us buy another machine. It would be nice to be able to move around the hospital layout, the tiles purchased. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what I was doing but having the option to move the tiles would be as much fun as decorating. Love the game. Love the new settings to increase time on making potions.



Fun but time consuming

It is a fun game but it takes to much of my time and it is hard to do a lot of the things because it takes up to much money to begin with and it is hard to level up with out spending tons of money on a new device or pill/medicine DO NOT GET THIS GAME YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT

My Hosptial


Good game

Fun game, there’s a lot to do. Super cute look.

For others

This game has so much going on at one time it's very stressful for me there is just to much going on but if you like that kind of stuff then you would love this game it is just to stressful for me cause there is just so much going on at one time

This game is great

Try this game it's terrific🙂

Love it this game - a must-have!

This game is sooo addictive and super fun. I recommend to get it now and join the fun!

Good time

Fun game

Poor response

Yes this game is very addictive and can be played for hours but las weekend there was a glitch in their system I contacted the support team I was told that I would get my coins back but I never got them back I was told to let them know if I received the coins and I did so but to this day no one has answered me back or refunded the coins prior to this this game was a 5 star game to me now I can’t make what I need for the game and I am becoming disinterested in the game


I love the game so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒☀️☀️☀️☀️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Game doesn’t work

It’s stuck on title page and does nothing. Pathetic.

I love it so far

haven't had any problems out of it. just something i do on my spare time & it's really good. could become addictive

Upgrades for machinery

Very addictive. Thinking about deleting because of the time it takes for some of the machinery to give the meds or make them. Maybe add an upgrade to increase the speed of how fast the medicines come out

very addicting game but could be better

my hospital is a very addicting game. i play it all the time for hours. i just wish that when you make medicine that it didn’t make them one by one. other games like this when you send something to be made, everything gets made together and then you just pick it up. like how the exilirs are made. also i wish it didn’t only make one at a time. it’s kind of annoying having to wait 2 hours for 1 pill, especially when multiple patients need the same pill. i wish we at least got three at a time or even two. it also makes it hard to treat VIPs. i have yet to treat a VIP because i don’t have enough time to make what they need. VIPs only stay for about 2 hrs and if one pill takes two hours then they won’t be served. it makes it kind of hard to make money so you can expand your hospital to grow. i also don’t get why decorations get more expensive the more you buy. i can understand expanding doing that but why can’t there be a set price for decorations? also i don’t think we should be sent patients that we don’t have the equipment for yet. it’s just a waste of space in the ER and you have to send them home because you don’t have the coins at the time to buy the machine they need.

Really like this but has a bug

The “Tap on Daily Quests” icon won’t go way even after I been touching the button where the arrow is pointing, it’s blocking off some other buttons too and I’ve tried reinstalling and rebooting my phone, doesn’t work


This game cannot connect to the server even though we have a full wifi connection. Very annoying. We rebooted, turned the wifi on and off, deleted the app and reloaded, and nothing worked. Do not get this game.😤😤☹️😡😡😡🤔🤧😷🤒🤕


We need daily bonus more please

Improvements needed

Why can we only give two or three gifts a day to our followers? Can we give more? The hospital should be able to expand more. I expanded all the way but i want it bigger than that. Please more variety of decorations for the inside of the hospital! We should also be able to write to our fellow neighbor hospitals anything we want. Like messaging.

My Hospital Review

Muito legal. Bem feito e bom para todas as idades. Só um pouco difícil de ganhar diamantes.

Crashes. Awful support.

The game crashes anytime I try to do certain tasks. I have the latest software on my devices. You also get bored pretty quickly as you do repetitive tasks day in and day out. Their support is bad too. Never a solution, just a constant runaround. I'm so mad I spent money on this game.


Good game


My account have been deleted twice !!!!! And I’ve had to restart

Pretty fun but

It's difficult to balance supplies and demand, especially with how long it can take to make the vials/pills/etc


Love it

Awesome so good

But sometimes it takes forever to load


Elixirs, take so long, I have never watched so many videos so I can collect my hearts and coins. Ugh! Some meds take so long, so I usually have them making over night. Otherwise, I love it Btw, shovels are hard to come by, I have ! on my plants, takes forever for someone to help me. Also I see ! on others, but I don't see anything that I can help, nothing. Do they get anything for helping someone, like a heart or coins?

Love it!!

This game is my favorite Easy and addictive to play Tech support is also very helpful w any hiccups!!!

Love it

Fun relaxing game!


It's good

Dislike sudden shutdown

When I go to the sign near the entrance to watch a video or a free heart, it will automatically shut down. When I go back into the game the heart is gone and I have to wait for it to cycle through to get another opportunity to watch the video. Sometimes I'm uccessful in getting to watch the video and receive my heart but not the frequency of errors is increasing. I've already deleted other game apps but I sill have the problems. Almost ready to elected the game.

Daily Quest Menu Block

I just reached level 8. There's a banner that says 'tap the daily quest menu.' You can't click on the menu because of that banner. It's quite frustrating.


This is the best game I've come across in years.


This game is fun and can be quite addictive. However it has so many glitches: 1. I "buy" items (with the game money) and don't get 20-25% of them. When contacting the developers I'm told "it takes a while, trying closing the game & then reopening, wait 72 hrs." See example email following. 2. Game kicks me out lots! When I try to earn a diamond thru the cinema, I get kicked out 75% of the time. I then have to log back in (waiting 2 cycles of the Jeopardy theme for this to happen) and then find there's no free diamond available. 3. As in most games, the required prices for items get more and more ridiculous. I've spent too actual money trying to get items (which is my bad I know). Here's my most recent email: "Yesterday I bought 10 hammers; still only the one in my supply (which I had before). I have bought various items only for them to never appear. The fire fluid meentioned in my first email (see previous above) has still never appeared. If I have to stop and write each item I bought in order to ensure I get what I bought or to send an email about not receiving it, then this is no longer a fun game, it's a tedious chore. Since I've already spent way more money on this game then I should have, I find it frustrating & infuriating to have to go through accounting measures to make up for the game's glitches."




For the past two days, every time I play this game, it causes my device to freeze completely. Please fix! I like playing this game, but feel I need to delete if I have continued problems.

Gud but

Totorial to long

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