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One problem!

I love the game ❤️, it’s just one problem.. i don’t know whether me being on the phone whiles playing the game makes the game stagger or the game just staggers in general but i need it fixed asap cause i wanna continue playing.


This game is bad. Plz do not get it. It was not fun at all for me because I didn’t like the progression system.

Yery Bad Complament

Now I never gave a 2 star rating before and im sorry it came to this but lets us begin. I played this for a month and I loved it until my game reset. Really! I thought this game was good but now NO!! I gave two star instead one star beacause I dont want to be harsh. Just fix this and Ill be happy

Fun game just wish it wasn’t so childish

It’s a fun game similar to FarmVille but the names of things are like a 6yr old made the game. Make a cure to help patients with tummy butterflies? If it had a more realistic hospital feel to it I think it would go far.


Not loading at all anymore


This game is so fun and addicting I just dislike how long It takes to make certain things and how much of something it needs. Like one treatment can cost three yellow potions which the other offices need for treatments too. Otherwise it’s very fun

Love the game

I got a couple of new ideas for the next update maybe this will make the game more challenging daily quests and challenges we the owners of our hospitals can win cool prizes more prizes to win for the daily challenges and quests

Maternity Ward Vitamins

I’ve been playing this game for months and I absolutely love it. I am however having trouble with obtaining enough vitamins to adequately treat patients both in my hospital & maternity ward. I feel the maternity ward should have its own vitamin maker which we would have to pay for and it could even produce less at a time than the regular hospital one. I just continue needing to discharge patients in my hospital because I cannot facilitate to care for them and my maternity patients. It’s actually just making me want to ignore my maternity ward and continue treating my normal hospital patients. It would be awesome if this could be put into action. Plus, maybe even some cooler things to do in the maternity ward. I was so excited for it to open and I even used hearts to open it early. It was kinda a let down ultimately. I still plan to play the game & I all around love it, just some minor changes would be great. Thank you so much!!


Hello, I updated this game but it has an error . Can you help me???

Only goes so far

I love Love LOVE this game, but after you get past a certain level, there is no point in playing because there is nothing new to unlock or purchase. There should be endless levels to unlock new machines and build them, there should be WAY more options to keep playing.

Good game

I really like this game, hard to put down. But lately it always plays for a minute or two then kicks me out and says reloading. It never comes back on. I’ve even rebooted my phone to see if that’s the problem but it still keeps doing that

Was fun and then ....

Everything was going well. It’s was fun and, then it’s wasn’t. Many items started taking too long 15 hours in some cases. Even if you spend money no relief. Making some items before making other items is usually fun. This is set up to become a struggle. 🤨 ugh

Doesn’t connect at all.

UPDATE: I was told to uninstall and reinstall the program and after I did that it started working again. The latest update has made it to where I can’t play the game at all. Now I’ve lost my long daily record.


Need to update 😠😠

My hospital is awsome

I love this game sooooo much i play it every day in my thoughts its one of the best games ever I really love it it’s really fun

Never ending tutorial

Once I was at level 5 and the game was still stopping me to explain and making me build stuff as it was awarded and put down decorations as they were awarded I deleted it. It was like a never ending tutorial. If it ever stops doing that I’ll never know because it got me so mad I deleted it.


boring with tutorial and ll make u pay

5 stars


Bug fixes.

I keep getting the same notifications 10 - 15 times within a few seconds. They say the same exact thing but I’m seeing it blow up my phone. Other than that, I love the game.

Awesome game !!

Wish they gave more diamonds, coins, positive energy to continue playing the game constantly without having to wait so much to move to another level.

It use to be better

This game challenges you but the game doesn’t let you complete them because it doesn’t load constantly. Also if you have a issue you cannot contact the game because that button doesn’t work. This game use to be great.

Very fun and addicting, but one serious issue

This is a very fun and addicting game, I play it almost every day. It’s a typical build-up game, where you slowly unlock new things to build and make new cures, etc. It has a kinda goofy element to it with the names of diseases and cures, makes it entertaining. The one issue I’ve had recently is when I choose to speed up something by using diamonds it’s using much more than is indicated. I chose to speed up waiting for new patients for 3 diamonds and it used 84 diamonds instead, and I didn’t notice it was doing it until I had lost several hundred diamonds. So keep an eye on your diamond count when using them. I contacted tech support and am waiting for a reply. I will update this review to show how they handled it. If not for this issue it would be a 5 Star game for me. Update 8/19/18: It took a little while, but the devs took care of me and reimbursed the diamonds I lost, if I did the math right it was more than I lost. They didn’t make me jump through hoops, just credited the diamonds to my game. I also updated my rating to 5 Star, I really do enjoy this game quite a bit and knowing the devs treat their customers right makes it easier to enjoy.

The game is nice

I just downloaded by curiosity, and I like it. The problem is the time you have to wait for everything. If in the next update you cut the time at least in half time I give you more stars, that’s my only complaint.


Do any body know a faster why to get positive energy???Why is it so hard to get alot of it??Why can’t I buy it like I buy everything else?? Fun game tho


How about put a chat to game? it will be more fun

Not what you think

It’s death by tutorial and you can’t even diagnose the patients. You give them serums instead of actual medications . If you’re looking for a lifelike hospital game, this is not it

Warning super addictive

Please don’t play this game if you have a lot of homework or you have a test coming up. This game can keep you up at night when you just want to go to sleep.If you don’t have any of those things then play this fun game.Enjoy!

Bug fixes with the update

This app updated a few days ago. Now when I use the doctor that uses blue elixir instead of using only one elixir it uses 3 for every one patient. It even says it is only supposed to use one.

Cool game but it's a easy game

and but it is still easy and fun I play it every day some times at night too


U will love this game I can’t stop playing


Downloaded-and enjoy playing however, game is expensive to play and advance. It takes diamonds to do anything and they give for free 1/5 free when you log into game. It also takes days to Build and grow certain products. Each time you expand it gets more expensive. They need to speed up processes and lower the cost of thing I.e. shovels, equipment and so on.

Love this game except...

Well this game is a amazing it is just when I was looking at the description of the appetite doctor it said he had way to much champagne last night and fell asleep in the bathroom. No joke. If you all could change that because this is for kids and that is not kid appropriate. Everything else is perfectly fine just please fix that.

Great App but too Overwhelming

Concept of the game is great, it’s just too much happening at one time. Hard to get organized while playing. Love the idea, just not the game itself.

Does not work!

I would love to say I love this game, or anything at all, but it will not load! Will not go beyond “checking” bar. It did tell me once that it needed to download more info, but after that is still stuck on checking. Too bad.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up🍬


Not my privacy!

I don’t care to even play this game not even for a second after I just downloaded it. First of all you are asking to access way too much of my privacy and agree to accept whatever terms and conditions just to play this game I’m just not having that just to play a game. And second of all when is using your data to download this game still not be enough to play?! Immediately after downloading this game before I could push play for the first time I got a message saying I needed to download additional data as well. My hospital your game will NEVER be that serious to me you’re the first game I’ve ever ( I have played tons and tons of games ) encountered with your standards and will be the last!

Can no longer open

I just updated the app and now I don’t enough room to open it :(


After updating the game I’m unable to play coz it says that it needs additional 66.5 mb of data to start . I tried deleting and installing again but it Didn’t help.


It's the best app ever

Not sure....

I’ve been steadily addicted to this game for the past few months but for some reason, non of the ad videos(which have gotten quite annoying by the way) are loading when trying to obtain the free diamonds and coins. This has been happening for about 2 weeks. Not sure how long I will keeping this game now.

This is a great game

You should download it for sure

Amazing but......

I just started playing this game yesterday and now this is all I play. The only problem I have is that it is really hard to make enough money to buy the things you need. It takes forever to make money to buy rooms to cure patients. In the future update can you boost up the money we make a little please?!


I love this game so much I downloaded a couple nights ago at 12 pm I enjoyed it so much that I realized it was 5:30 am😂😂but anyways everything is good about this game I recommend it.

It is great

There are so many different things to do you never get bored and the instructions aren’t annoying or too vague they game is fun and bright so cool I love it.

Love the game!!!!!!!

Hey I love this game its awesome I have 5000 coins right about now on level 14 and I am loving it. And I love how u can sell stuff and buy stuff from the pharmacy I will never delete this game!

Mixing elixirs?

How do you play? I’m having a hard time mixing elixirs together to cure patients. Please help because I love playing this game!

My favorite game

This game is so awesome it is my favorite game ever thank you for making this gam

Hospital life

I love this game it is addicting but it takes so long for the rooms to build.I have VIP and it takes so long for the medicine to make.

Theme hospital wannabe

I liked this game because it reminds me of theme hospital. Unfortunately it starts fun and quickly becomes tedious . It loses its charm once you need so many different ingredients to make all the different cures for the patience. Would not recommend.


I love the game it’s super fun I’ve had it for less then a week and I’m already level 11. It’s fun and it’s a major time killer! But it’s also addictive I haven’t been able to put it down!!! It’s not super easy but it’s not hard. Great for kids 10+

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