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Plz add more good stuff also the game was glitching all of a sudden there’s a bad ad plz also more ppl join

Runs terrible with new apple update

This game ran better on my air 2. I have a mini 3 now and it runs terrible. iPad is totally up to date, plenty of storage etc. Annoying. Will give 5 stars once it’s fixed. Support has been trying to help me figure it out, they’ve been great. It runs fine for a few mins then starts lagging. Loading the pharmacy is excruciatingly slow. Wish this ran like sim city build it but this game has a ton more variety than build it does. Update: support has found the problem and will include a fix with next update, hopefully soon. Upgrading to 4 stars.

Super slow

I love the idea. Everything takes more than 2 minutes and there are so many people to take care of it was overwhelming.

Fun, but..

Its a fun game for a little bit, i cannot lie. But the wait times for stuff is kind of ridiculous, and I’m not into paying for these types of games. Its not that serious. Gets boring waiting. deleting.

Poor customer assistance

I loved playing and reached Level 58 before issues began following the latest update. First, the game purchased a hospital expansion on its own. Then, when I submitted a help request asking that the glitch be corrected, the customer service agent told me that the game doesn’t currently contain an option to delete purchased expansions. One, I didn’t purchase the expansion, the game did. Two, I don’t want the property expansion. Three, if a developer can’t fix their own game maybe they shouldn’t be in this business.

Don’t get if you’re color blind.

I am red green color blind. This effects how some things are chosen because a few of the Medicine vials you have to mix are a yellowing green to me. So it’s not fun anymore

Fun and addictive but...

It’s a cool game, love the graphics and the concept but there are some problems. The refresh for the offers is so slow it makes me want to quit, by the time I see the offers in the shop everything is sold. Also, the game does not refresh the properly, I often see ads for products that were sold long ago/ see help wanted when it is not. Adding as many friends as you want is great, but what is the point if I can't see whether they have things for sale? I have to visit each friend to find out. Also, I can't search the list :-/ I also wish there would be an option where I can ask friends to sell me a specific product, they can ask for whatever price they want, but offer the product I'm looking for...

Timing is way off

Kudos to the developers for making this one of the more diverse games I have seen. It’s refreshing to see names of all races/cultures for the patients. I enjoy this game, however it is quick to hit a plateau. Jellies, vitamins, and other cures take FOREVER to make. And the doctors that need elixirs for their patients never get them because those same elixirs are used to make syrups & other cures. It is virtually impossible to fulfill the CDC tent quests. And when you check other hospitals for help they need, especially the garden, when you get to their screen they don’t need help after all. The garden shovels are hard to get and the plants take over a day to grow in some cases. If the developers would tweak some of these things, this game would be great.

I really enjoy game however.....

I have been enjoying this game very much for the last 2-3 months and at times I don’t even mind doing some in-app purchases because it does take a lot of time to earn money however one thing I think totally bites about your game is the amount of time for the Vitamin Maker to ....well make vitamins becomes at times to exasperating to even play if I need a lot of vitamins to cure patients. Okay yea sure I could “discard” a patient and just for the record we don’t “discard” a patient we “Discharge” them they are not a piece of trash we just throw out they are people hehe okay too serious for an instant 👍🏻 but after a while I say screw this and don’t play for a few days!! So, could you not give us two vitamin makers or a boosters that doubles vitamin production for 3h, however don’t make it so you almost never get one that one “Premium Boosters” I have yet to get !! Which is why I gave it 3 stars if I could I would have given it 3 and 1/2 but just can’t go the 4 or 5 stars because this issue has really started to annoy me a lot !! But still a quality fun game and worth a look !

Fix Bugs!!!

Is a great game I played it everyday until it recently begin to constantly crash!!!!

Last update is ruining the game for everyone

So today I try to go to the Community Forum that you could access through the settings in the game, only to find out that it is no longer there. Is this a glitch or did you just decide to remove it without forewarning everyone? The wait times for cures is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that once you get above like level 40, the amount of XP required to get to the next level is ridiculous AND once you finally do get the 333,100 XP points (yes, three hundred THOUSAND) that are required to get to level 67, you get nothing but 336 coins. I have absolutely nothing to spend the coins that I earn on anymore and have over 1.1 M coins (the pharmacy sales are a joke. There’s never anything good, and on the rare occasion that there is something decent, it’s sold out even if i just blew a diamond to refresh the pharmacy). I’m not going to get excited about 336 coins. The game has gotten BORING.

This Is Getting Ridiculous

I love this game and I try to play it everyday. However, I cannot do that because 16 out of my 20 patients need cures that take a least 8 hours to produce! The jelly and vitamin makers are the worst thing you could have possibly added to the game. Why does it take 2 hours to make two vitamin D tabs? And I have like 6 patients that need at least 5 of them. Either find a good balance between patients who need the jellies and vitamins, or reduce the wait times.

What happened?

I just updated the game and it doesn’t work! Just might have to delete game. This is very frustrating.


I can’t play without updating the game but there’s no update and since I can’t update I can’t play.

Cute but....

After updating to 1.1.23 my game has not worked. App support has not responded and I have now lost out on obtaining gems and completing daily challenges. Irritated.

Update problems

I love this game, but what happened with this update? I crashed about 8 times today already, and that has never happened in the months I’ve been playing. Hopefully it’s fixed soon! Thanks.

My Hospital

Game is good but now it stays frozen. Can’t go forward with the game.

Please fix

I found myself playing less when i reached level 50. I think i received 265 coins for leveling up to level 51 and the coins was it for leveling up. I couldn’t believe i was going to get less coins for leveling up then when i watch a video. Now with the latest update; find myself play even-less now. When you try to help in garden or epidemic they are usually already gone although it still shows that they need help. Before it would update request list every time you started to open the app. I find now it is usually same list throughout the entire day. Trying to find tools to upgrade now are ridiculous. It takes forever for the pharmacy to open and then when it does items are already sold. I’m on level 53 and the prize for leveling up is 3 diamonds. I can win 3 for curing VIP’s so why so little for leveling up. On achievements needed to upgrade hospital so much to collect prize; why not give more treatment rooms or doctors office to keep interesting and fill the spaces that we paid so much to upgrade. I do see developments on maternity ward. Which is great, but keep us interested so we want to keep playing. Also as you level up free coins amount to collect gradually go up as you progress WHY do the diamonds stay at 1? Please fix I love this game.

My hospital

I absolutely love my hospital but I don't like how the patents need a diagnose that you don't even have yet like all of my patents needed a pill to leave but I didn't have that yet but otherwise it's a great app 😀

No update

Like the game but can’t update

Great game!

I love playing this game! I just wish it was easier to shop for what I need when I visit other people’s pharmacies. I would like to just type in what I was looking for and the pharmacies that is selling it would come up! Love the game though! Lots of fun!


Simple to understand. Engaging for now.

Love it! I’m obsessed but still has a couple flaws-

1. The game has said I have an update for two days now but every time I go to the store I don’t have an update. And I can’t play my favorite game until it’s updated. Can someone please explain? 2. The diamonds. I know there have been several rants on this before, but I wish we were given more than just one diamond every time we open a gift box or there wasn’t a limit to how many videos you can watch to get free diamonds. Instead we have to pay out of pocket for diamonds. I’m guessing you just want our money? 😂😐 But overall I really do love your game I’m totally obsessed with it ❤️

Very Enjoyable

I really love playing this app. I am an RN so it is more meaningful to me. I would like to make a few suggestions. You need to add a 'heart doctor' and diagnostic tests for cardiac problems. A surgeon and operating room would be great. It would be nice to have partitions to put between lab equipment so everything is not so congested. I agree with others that the length of time to make certain items is way to long. Then having to make three tablets for patients takes forever. You should have upgrades for equipment to speed up the processes in meds. Lengthen VIP patient stays too.


This game is awesome! I love it so much! To me it is perfect in Every way but I love updates so keep them coming soon! Also Can you add a new kid? Anyways yeah this game is amazing!

Very Disturbing!

Racial Slurs and Explicit Images are all Sickening! Don’t purchase this game! There’s slow leveling beyond Level 12!

Suggestions for making the game more realistic and cute!

When a patient comes in from the ambulance, they should be riding on a gurney/bed (pushed by a nurse) to get to their room. And likewise a patient needing to go for a test should be riding in a wheelchair (pushed by a nurse) to/from the test station. Thank-you. I JUST THINK THAT WOULD BE CUTE!!!!! Supplies for expansion of storage and elixir machines come too infrequently. I wish that would improve.


I am extremely upset that i tapped on the game icon to play it and it updated which is fine but it started my game all over and i was almost on level 47 and had just purchased hearts. I’m not sure what is going on but i am highly upset and refuse to start all over. How does the game restart off of and upgraded download 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Fun but irritating at the same time

Reasons it irritating and also ways you could fix that.please read this it would help your game a lot.thanks #1. Some things are too overpriced and it takes forever to get more coins #2.some of the stuff in the lab takes too long to make #3.when you go to buy stuff in the pharmacy it has already been sold #4. There should be a closing time for the hospital that you can choose between 3 different times for how long the hospital is closed so you can catch up on the cures we have to make for the the patients I hope you read this because this would make the game so much more fun and easier to play with out getting stressed out.

The best!!!

This game is great but it takes forever to get to a different level. VIP is the hardest. Just make the VIP like someone important but make sure that it is easy.

I. Love. It

I love it is so great

Too many bugs lately...makes me want to give up

I really enjoyed this game until it wouldn’t save my progress. Patients I had previously cured were back in their beds when I logged in, my lab wasn’t updated with the cures I was previously developing. It’s very frustrating having to redo everything repeatedly and coming back to check the progress and having none because it didn’t save what you put into motion. Also, the friends store , it spins and rarely loads... and when you finally do click to go over to a friend’s it just brings you back to your own hospital after the load screen. I just updated the app, hoping it would help things . And I’m down a level. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

Ok game

I is hard to level up but it’s a ok game.

Lost my game

I was level 19 but my game froze on an ad and I deleted. I reinstalled game but was restarted at level one. Very annoying and lost bought by real money diamonds! Buyer beware!

Rip Off

This game is an exact rip off of a game I played when I was a kid called Theme Hospital. However, Theme Hospital is FREE and doesn’t force you to buy gems with real money by locking you out of the main game. This is just stupid. If you want to play a better game that is actually free and doesn’t charge you obscene amounts of money for non existent trash ... play Theme Hospital instead. They don’t have ANY forced purchases or micro transactions. Micro transactions, gems and energy have literally destroyed the entire gaming industry.

Possibly the worst

From the beginning you never have a chance. Unless you are like the other people who have money to burn and have no life other than playing this terribly made game move on.

Ella the reason

I love this game and I own almost the whole thing and i am only eight

Keeps Crashing!!! 😡😡😡

I love the game, but it won’t load properly.

Fun Game

The game is pretty fun. I love it! 🙌🏾

Please fix

Since this afternoon the game won't load.

Love it

I love it but the new upgrade for the game is not great. The people are at stand still & other hospital you visit there are empty.

Get rid of vitamins or decrease the amount needed

Was a pretty good game until they updated with the vitamins. Now every patient needs them just about so unless you’re sitting on your phone with the app open ALL day, it takes forever to save enough to discharge the patients. It takes too long to get the vitamins and in my opinion requires too many vitamins for the cure.

Worst Update Ever!

Been playing this game for a few months now and never had a single complaint until this last update with “Vitamins”. Its insane how many you have to collect to cure a single patient! What once took a few hours to get money/experience, is now turning into days. Plus it takes up your storage space.... Make it the way it was or do away with storage space usage and so many vitamins overall.

My hospital

By Lydia Presti Way to long. When it is losing it takes 5 min😡😫😩😤🕷🥊

The vitamin maker🤬

I loved this game, until the vitamin maker was added into the latest update😭. The vitamin maker doesn’t let you upgrade it to receive larger quantities and when the patients require a vitamin is in large quantities (20 and above) this takes forever to produce especially when multiple patients are requiring the same vitamins and let’s not mention all the space that it takes up on your tank🤯, please look into this matter. I was actually spending real money,I was in love with this game until this update happened. This game deserves a 5 star rating but not at the moment. The vitamin maker makes it impossible to enjoy.😡😭😥😖

Could be made better

Fun and addicting. Love these build your city, village, hospital, etc type of games. But with this you’re unlocking so much so fast. And then you start getting overwhelmed with so much to buy, so much to make, so much to get done. Like you can’t get enough vials to make elixirs. It takes less time to go through the elixirs than it does to make them. And then it takes way too long to make the other medicines. Like itchy throat medicine, pills, etc. takes way too long. And then you have to use some of that stuff you waited hours for instead of using it on patients you have to use it to make other stuff and then use that to make other stuff. This is too much. It’s overwhelming and you don’t have enough to make it all happen in the first place. Sure you can just go buy the stuff in the pharmacy but nobody wants to sell it cause they need it so badly too. And half the time in the pharmacy the stuff is sold out anyway. And you don’t have enough coins to buy stuff cause you have machines, building expansions, etc to buy anyway. Need to balance everything out a lot better and this game could be even more addicting. For me it’d be as addicting as clash of clans and boom beach

Solid game

This is a really great game. Fun to play, easy to pick up, and diverse enough to stay interesting. I haven’t had any complaints and have actually been surprised by that. The game’s pace introduces new cures and concepts at just the right time, making it very easy to progress and stay enjoyable. The new vitamin introduction is poorly balanced though. Many patients require 15-25 vitamins for cure. That is very high for just one patient, let alone 3 patients needing the same vitamin. In some case you would have to log in every 2 hours for a 24 period, just to obtain 24 of a vitamin. We know that’s absurd, so it could take 2 or 3 days to cure one patient; make that patient a VIP and they just aren’t getting cured. Plus the vitamins take space in the tank, which is already overloaded with the volume of cures needed. Perhaps there should be a new storage structure. Like a cold storage?

Last updates

The last updates lags patients leaving after seeing Drs or they don’t leave at all??? I like that you can add friends, but I find I have to close out the game often and yet it still doesn’t help patients leave Drs rooms. I hope this gets fixed very soon... this WAS 1 of my favorite apps

Superb game!!!

This game is highly addictive. I enjoy it a lot because it requires ongoing attention and action. The only thing I recommend to improve the coin generation (or the occasional diamond) is allowing some of the decorative items to generate revenue. For example, the vending machines or the coffee bar. It would put a nice realistic touch to the atmosphere of the game. Other than that, this game is wonderful and I highly recommend it for your down time. :)

Use to be better

It was good at first but some of the times to make the jellies takes too long. It takes some 8 hours n then a patient wants 3. It takes forever to make certain medications.

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